Well, on Friday we shut down the last of the datacenters I was managing in my last job. It was bittersweet. I did manage to salvage about $250,000 worth of cryptocurrency that would have otherwise gone to waste, so I feel pretty good about that. (No, none of that went to me, but it wasn’t about whether it benefitted me personally. It was about my own integrity. I try to do the best work I can possibly do, and in this case, it saved my employer a buttload of money. The fact that I was earning far less than minimum wage for the work at this point is irrelevant.)

I hope that now I can focus more on my DayJob, which is making training videos for CBT Nuggets. I struggle to find passion in that job anymore, but it pays really well if I actually get videos completed, so if I can get into a steady production cycle, it will mean I can devote non-work time to things I’m passionate about. One of those things is writing…

Here’s the thing: I suspect I don’t write more often because I’m decent at writing. No, I’m not incredible, but I’ve written a lot of professional things, and so when I write something it feels like it should be a good something. And journals aren’t about writing good somethings, they’re literally about putting your thoughts on paper (physical or otherwise). Not all thoughts are bangers. In fact, most of my current “journaling” tends to be just thinking, and anyone who knows me is fully aware that my thinking is fleeting and ephemeral.

I think this tiny little blog, which I’m not hosting (too easy to get distracted with the technical parts), should become my journal. So if you’re reading this, and you’re not me: fair warning, this will likely be boring. Very few bangers, mostly mash. (see? This is the type of humor to expect, but less funny)

Tomorrow is an opportunity for a fresh start regarding work. I told my manager on Friday that we closed up the last datacenter, so I’d be able to focus more on making CBT Nuggets videos. I just need to follow up on that, and do it. Ideally, I could make a skill (the collection of videos which makes a complete “training unit” and is what I actually get paid to complete) every day. If I can do a skill on Monday, and another on Tuesday — that’s sufficient for a full week’s work, and I could spend the rest of the week doing passion projects. And I’ve got a LOT of passion projects I never find the time to do.

Will I be able to start and complete a skill on Monday, then again on Tuesday? Honestly, if I buckle down and do the work, probably yes. That might change when the topics need to be learned, or require more setup. But the two-day work week is actually a feasible, if not ambitious goal. And tomorrow will be my opportunity to start the process.

Tomorrow I actually have multiple appointments that will interrupt my day — but that’s what life is like, so it’s as good of a start date as any. Wish me luck, person reading this. I need it. :)