Tomorrow is an oddly nerve-racking day for me. It’s my, “new start” with regard to working at CBT Nuggets, where I can focus more time on doing my actual job. But also tomorrow I go to the orthodontist to start the process of getting my bottom front teeth fixed.

About 5 or 6 years ago, we were on vacation in Gatlinburg, TN. I was eating some ice cream of all things, and somehow while smooshing the ice cream around in my mouth, my top and bottom teeth collided in a crazy horrible crunching, tearing sounding incident. It hurt BAD. We were on vacation, and since none of my teeth were cracked, I just sorta moved on with my day. By the time we got home, my teeth were a bit tender, but they seemed to be OK.

At some point, however, my front bottom teeth started to shift. Now, they sorta overlap one behind the other right in the middle. My dentist said I must have torn something during the injury, and the swelling must have pushed them out of alignment. Then they healed up, and now they are… wrong.

The hope is, that since they were perfectly straight for the bulk of my adult life, something like Invisalign might put them back in place. Right now, the tooth that slipped behind is pretty sharp on my tongue, and I don’t like the way it looks as well. I also hope that since the correction is fairly localized, and seemingly minor, the cost and length of time it takes will both be reasonably low. Tomorrow I’ll find out. Hopefully.

The stress of my last job ending and needing to do well at the new job, along with Donna’s surgeries and recovery, etc., etc., has also made my face think what I really need in my life is a few pimples. Because nothing says, “almost 50 year old adult” quite like multiple pimples on your face.