Our youngest, Lizzie, made it through the interviewing gauntlet for a job a local art center. It’s a pretty big deal, as it’s a, “career type” job with a salary and benefits. It’s a big deal for Donna and me too, because Lizzie is the last of our children who didn’t have a clear path to health insurance once she’s too old to be on ours. That seems silly, but knowing your adult children have healthcare is really, really comforting.

She didn’t get the official job offer yet, but once she passes a background check and some personality tests, they’ll give her the official offer. I understand the need to dot all the t’s and cross all the eyes before extending the official job offer, but it does mean a weird sort of limbo state. She’s been very up front with her current employer (she manages a retail store now), but without the official offer, it’s awkward to plan for her transition date. Yet, the current employer would really like to know a schedule. I’m sure it will work out, but the anxiety about, “leaving well” sort of tempers the excitement about the new position.

ANYWAY, thanks to the hours spent at the orthodontist yesterday, I didn’t make any progress on my fresh start with my own job. But today is a new day, and once I’m done procrastinating by writing this journal entry — I can get busy on the next thing. (Which… is probably cleaning my office? I mean, GETTING TO WORK!)